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Workplace Sexual Harassment

On The Job Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and violates both Oregon and Federal Statutes. Such conduct includes but is not limited to the following:

  • unwelcome sexual advances;
  • verbal harassment such as dirty jokes or derogatory comments;
  • verbal abuse such as comments about individua's body, sexually degrading words to describe an individual and suggestive notes or letters;
  • placement of embarrassing or inappropriate posters and drawings; and
  • unwanted sexual contact or touching.

Each case requires an independent evaluation by a qualified sexual harassment attorney. Several factors can determine the outcome of your case, including who is doing the harassment, what complaints have been made, who the complaints have been made to, and what you have done to document and log such conduct.

If you believe you have been subject to sexual harassment and need a lawyer, please call our law offices at 503-620-9887 for a free phone consultation.

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