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Washington County DUII

Washington County DUII

Washington County DUII Attorneys

Gilroy & Napoli are DUII attorneys in Washington County, Oregon. In Washington County, approximately 95% of all cases filed by the District Attorney's Office are resolved through negotiations. If a case is not resolved through negotiations, it will proceed to trial. Because the court system is devoted to reducing the number of cases that go to trial, it’s paramount to secure a Washington County lawyer with experience. Gilroy & Napoli have practiced law in Washington County for years and are familiar with the district attorneys and processes to ensure your case is properly handled. Contact us for help with your Washington County DUII case.

DUII Attorneys in Washington County

Gilroy & Napoli handle DUII defense cases in the following cities in Washington County:

About Washington County

Washington County is located in the Northwest region of Oregon near Mount Hood and incorporates several rural communities. Washington County is one of 36 counties in the U.S. state of Oregon. The District Attorney in Washington County is Bob Hermann. In 2008, Herman and other Washington County Prosecuting Attorneys reviewed over 11,000 police reports. For information on securing a Washington County DUII Attorney, please contact Gilroy & Napoli.

DUII Laws in Oregon are becoming increasingly strict and the punishments more severe. Therefore, it is paramount to have an experienced Oregon DUII attorney on your side to represent your DUII case in Oregon. At Gilroy & Napoli, we take pride in doing everything we can to help our clients through their Oregon DUII charge.

About Gilroy & Napoli: DUII Attorneys

John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli are Washington County, Oregon DUII lawyers (also referred to as DUI lawyers or DWI attorneys) who specialize in representing clients in DUII defense cases in the Washington County area and throughout Oregon. A DUI arrest can be very stressful and overwhelming. The law offices of Gilroy & Napoli provide experience, integrity and professionalism in assisting our clients through this difficult process. From the initial court appearance and the DMV Hearing, through plea negotiations or trial, we are here to help. Explore our Testimonials page to hear from others who have been helped by Gilroy & Napoli.

Contact Gilroy & Napoli for help defending your DUII in your Washington County community. As prior Deputy District Attorneys, Gilroy & Napoli understand the DUII case from the perspective of the police, and use this experience to the advantage of our clients. This experience on both sides of the DUII law in Oregon makes us uniquely qualified to defend your rights during your DUII case.

DUII Resources

Even if you choose not to have Gilroy & Napoli represent you during your Washington County DUII case, we still want to educate those charged with a DUII in Oregon on their rights. This is why we offer some valuable resources to help defendants and their families during this stressful time. We share DUII tips, DUII advice, and other invaluable Washington County legal information on our Law Firm's Blog.

Also, to help educate the public on their rights during their DUII case, both John and Jeff were guest speakers at the 2007 Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers "DUII and Driving Offenses" seminar in Salem and again in March 2010.

If you feel you have been a target of retaliation or need whistleblower protection, please call our legal offices at 503-620-9887 for a free phone consultation. These are time sensitive cases, so call Gilroy & Napoli now!

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