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Clackamas County DUI Attorneys

Clackamas DUI Attorneys: Gilroy & Napoli

Clackamas County DUI Defense Attorneys

Our society has taught us that a DUI can mean the end of a happy life, driving privileges, general social acceptance, and so many other basic modern necessities of life. But receiving a DUI does not always have to mean the end of the road. There are clear steps you can take to get your life back to normal. Below are some questions you might have about what the DUI process is all about and what you can expect over the coming weeks.

What's Next?

Chances are that you're reading this because you or someone you care for has been arrested for driving under the influence in Clackamas County, Oregon. The process is just about the same as it is for other crimes; you're handcuffed, put in the back of the police car, and sped away to the Clackamas County jail. You're scared and you're upset, and when you remember that Oregon has some of the toughest DUI prosecution in the country and the most serious punishment, that fear and worry is multiplied by a million. The fact of the matter is that you need legal representation. And that right there is the answer to the above question: finding yourself legal protection to defend yourself from some seriously intense penalties. That's what Gilroy & Napoli is here for, to represent you in Clackamas County when you're facing DUII charges.

DUII Attorneys In Clackamas County

Gilroy & Napoli has significant experience handling DUII cases originating in the following Clackamas County jurisdictions:

Keep in Mind

First and foremost: not everyone goes to jail for a DUI charge. Sometimes first offenders are allowed to complete a diversion program. However, that often misleads people into thinking that their troubles are over. This could not be farther from the truth. A citation still means an appearance in court, fines and possibly other penalties.

If you were booked into jail however, you will either receive a release agreement with a court date, or if you were booked on felony DUI charges you'll be kept in custody at the Clackamas County jail until your court date arrives.

No matter what the situation, you will be given a court date, and it's important that you seek legal counsel before it arrives so that you can be properly defended from prosecution.

When and Where Do I Go to Court?

It's important to keep in mind that driving under the influence in Clackamas County is considered a state crime, and thus few options besides jail time are offered to offenders. There are also some mandatory penalties no matter where in Oregon you are: your license is guaranteed to be suspended, any conviction is impossible to wipe clean from your record, you will be put under probation, and you will face financial penalties and jail time. Of course, legal representation from our DUI Attorneys can help to fight off these penalties.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana don't hesitate to call us. This one phone call could be your very best chance at getting your charges reduced, or help prevent you from losing everything. From negotiating reasonable settlements to taking cases to trial in Clackamas County, Gilroy & Napoli offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

Clackamas County DUI Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense
    As former Deputy District Attorneys we know how to effectively navigate the Criminal Defense system.
  • DUII Arrests / Drunk Driving Defense
    Have you been arrested for DUI in Clackamas, Oregon? Our Clackamas DUI lawyers are experts at defending Drunk Driving arrests and DUII charges.
  • Marijuana DUI
    Oregon laws defining what it means to be under the influence of marijuana have changed.

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