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If you have been arrested or charged for DUII in Multnomah County Oregon, you could be facing a giant change in your lifestyle or possibly far-reaching future. A DUI on your record can affect nearly every part of your life from then on. Including your ability to get around, legal records, your financial income, family, and so on. Your capability to deal with all the changes that come from an arrest for DUII greatly depends on what you do directly after this circumstance.

What's Next?

Chances are that you're reading this because you or someone you care for has been arrested for driving under the influence in Multnomah County, Oregon. The process is just about the same as it is for other crimes; you're handcuffed, put in the back of the police car, and sped away to the Multnomah County jail. You're scared and you're upset, and when you remember that Oregon has some of the toughest DUI prosecution in the country and the most serious punishment, that fear and worry is multiplied by a million. The fact of the matter is that you need legal representation. And that right there is the answer to the above question: finding yourself legal protection to defend yourself from some seriously intense penalties. That's what Gilroy & Napoli is here for, to represent you in Multnomah County when you're facing DUII charges.

Keep in Mind

It is most important to note that your chances of preserving your rights and possibly having any mitigating circumstances about your case handled properly hand in the balance and your first action should be to contact a respected DUII attorney in Portland. This ability to get a good lawyer on retainer somewhat depends on whether you are released prior to the court date that is initially set for you.

If you aren't, you need to use all appropriate methods to contact and retain a good DUII lawyer from jail if needed. Having representation in court take care of many details you would not necessarily know how to deal with in your position. You should get a court appearance mandate form that will provide important information about your first court appearance. That is what you should operate from with your attorney. It is entirely possible that your attorney can stand in your stead for court, but since each case is unique and brings individual aspects that should be reviewed you might be better served making the appearances with your attorney - he or she will guide you in this regard.

When and Where Do I Go to Court?

You will get details from your release agreement or other paperwork about your court appearance - where, when, etc. Your attorney will be able to guide you best, but if you need to make the first appearance before you retain a lawyer then get in contact with the Circuit Court for the county in which you were arrested. They should be able to pull your arrest records and provide additional information. When you appear, your best options are to be dressed as appropriate to the situation and be on time (which really means be there early).

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana don't hesitate to call us. This one phone call could be your very best chance at getting your charges reduced, or help prevent you from losing everything. From negotiating reasonable settlements to taking cases to trial in Multnomah County, Gilroy & Napoli offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

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Multnomah County DUI Lawyers

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