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What should I do after I have been arrested for a DUI charge in Sherwood?

When arrested for a DUI in Sherwood or any other city in Washington County, you are either issued a citation to appear in court or you are booked into jail. In the event that you were booked into jail, it is probable that you will be given directions to appear in court as part of the terms of your release. It is possible that you will remain in custody at a minimum of your first scheduled court appearance if you are arrested for a felony DUII or other serious charge.

Arrests made in the City of Sherwood are often handled through the Sherwood Municipal Court. If directed to appear in court there, the municipal court is located on the second floor of Sherwood City Hall, 22560 SW Pine Street in Sherwood, Oregon.

Arraignments, trials, and cases to appear before a judge take place in the Community Room on the first floor at Sherwood City Hall, 22560 SW Pine Street in Sherwood, Oregon.

It is mandatory that you appear in court or a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. Call or ask our attorneys about more information on options for absenting yourself from your court appearance if your charges are not more serious than a misdemeanor.

Where should I appear for court?

Refer to your paperwork for the location of your court appearance. You can find this information in either the citation issued or in the release agreement. Most DUII arraignments take place at the Sherwood Municipal Court, on the second floor of Sherwood City Hall, 22560 SW Pine Street in Sherwood, Oregon.

Does Washington County offer other sentencing options, such as community service?

Washington County does not generally offer any unique sentencing options. Work in lieu of jail is not an option, and community service and work release are rarely granted in these cases. DUII statutes and mandatory penalties are enforced statewide, regardless of which court will be prosecuting the charges.

From negotiating reasonable settlements to taking cases to trial in Sherwood & Washington County, Gilroy & Napoli offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

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    As former Deputy District Attorneys we know how to effectively navigate the Criminal Defense system.
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    Have you been arrested for DUI in Sherwood, Oregon? Our Sherwood DUI lawyers are experts at defending Drunk Driving arrests and DUII charges.
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