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Tualatin DUI Attorneys

Tualatin DUI Attorneys: Gilroy & Napoli

Tualatin DUI Lawyers

When someone is arrested for DUII in Tualatin, Oregon law requires several mandatory penalties go into effect in the event you are convicted. Some of these penalties include the revocation of your driver license, the levy of hefty financial penalties, and potential incarceration, in the event that your case qualifies. That is why, if you are charged with DUI in Tualatin, Oregon the first thing you need to do is to contact a competent DUII attorney.

Gilroy Napoli is an experienced DUII law firm that can help you take the steps necessary to help you get a better result in the disposition of your case and help you reduce or potentially eliminate all of the penalties associated with your charge. They have represented a large number of DUI cases and have the in-depth knowledge required to protect your rights and help you navigate through the often complex justice system that surrounds DUI arrests.

As former Deputy District Attorneys Gilroy Napoli are highly respected attorneys in Washington County & Tualatin Oregon. If you have been arrested, cited or are being held on a DUI charge in Tualatin it is important to contact our attorneys as soon as possible so that they can go to work on preparing you a solid defense. They have staff on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your call.

Arraignment and Other Mandatory Court Appearances

Regardless of your court appearance mandate form, you should expect to many drivers do not know it, but after your DUII citation or arrest, your arraignment is but the first of many mandatory court appearances that you will have to make when it comes to defending yourself against your charges. However, having Gilroy Napoli on your side can help you alleviate the strain on your personal and professional life. They can legally represent you in court, saving you from having to miss work or skip important things with your family.

Driver License Suspension and Other Penalties in Oregon

Because DUI is tried under state law in Oregon, there are a number of mandatory penalties that must be levied against you if you are found guilty of the crime of DUI. First and foremost, you face the revocation of your driver's license and the payment of heft financial penalties. You may also be facing significant time behind bars if your case qualifies. Gilroy Napoli has extensive experience with Oregon DUII cases and have been successful in reducing charges and penalties in these cases and have even had charges dismissed altogether.

From negotiating reasonable settlements to taking cases to trial in Tualatin & Washington County, Gilroy & Napoli offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

Washington County DUI Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense
    As former Deputy District Attorneys we know how to effectively navigate the Criminal Defense system.
  • DUII Arrests / Drunk Driving Defense
    Have you been arrested for DUI in Tualatin, Oregon? Our Tualatin DUI lawyers are experts at defending Drunk Driving arrests and DUII charges.
  • Marijuana DUI
    Oregon laws defining what it means to be under the influence of marijuana have changed.

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