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West Linn DUI Attorneys

West Linn DUI Attorneys: Gilroy & Napoli

West Linn DUI Lawyers

If you are on the hunt for a high quality DUI attorney in West Linn, Oregon your search should end with John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli. John got his law degree from the University of Oregon, his father was a County Circuit Judge in the Portland area, and his brothers practice law nearby as well. Jeff got his undergrad degree at Willamette University and is now a member of the Oregon Trial Lawyer Association. So its fair to say that both these men have a good familiarity with the state of Oregon and the court system in West Linn. If you need someone to represent you and defend you against a DUI, dont hesitate to call Gilroy and Napoli.

John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli answer questions about DUI cases in Clackamas County each day. Please feel free to use this website as a resource to learn what you can about DUI charges and court cases in West Linn, Oregon. In the event you have additional question, call whenever you need to.

Gilroy and Napoli have helped dozens after dozens of DUI defendants get their DUI charges reduced or even dismissed. Now known as some of the most elite DUI defense lawyers around Oregon, they consult with their clients, build a strong game plan, and do everything possible to defend West Linn DUI cases while being up front and honest throughout the duration of the process.

About West Linn, Oregon

West Linn is a suburb in the Portland, Oregon metro area and is located in Clackamas County. The Willamette River serves as a border for West Linn and the popular I205 freeway runs through the area. It was named after former U.S. Senator Lewis F. Linn, and most people around town are familiar with the spacious Mary S. Young Park.

Contact Gilroy and Napoli immediately if you were given a DUI citation or were put under arrest for driving under the influence in West Linn or anywhere in Clackamas County. These DUI attorneys have defended numerous people who were pulled over for DUII in West Linn, Oregon and they are prepared to do whatever they can to help you out in this troubling time. Protect yourself and defend your future from the repercussions of a DUI in Oregon by calling Gilroy and Napoli today. They will guide you through the DUI legal process.

From negotiating reasonable settlements to taking cases to trial in West Linn & Clackamas County, Gilroy & Napoli offers effective legal counsel for DUI Charges.

Clackamas County DUI Lawyers

  • Criminal Defense
    As former Deputy District Attorneys we know how to effectively navigate the Criminal Defense system.
  • DUII Arrests / Drunk Driving Defense
    Have you been arrested for DUI in West Linn, Oregon? Our West Linn DUI lawyers are experts at defending Drunk Driving arrests and DUII charges.
  • Marijuana DUI
    Oregon laws defining what it means to be under the influence of marijuana have changed.

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