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Results: Lawsuit Awards & Settlements

Lawsuit Awards & Settlements

Please note: Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances which are unique to each case. Past results in cases, therefore, are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases which Gilroy & Napoli and its attorneys may undertake.

Auto Accidents:

Head on collision: $1.1 million - client suffered serious injuries to shoulder, ankle, knee and hip in a serious head on collision. Client received $1.1 million dollars policy limits settlement after months of negotiations. Gilroy and Napoli was also successful in reducing client’s significant medical lien by 50% and got her medical insurance company to agree to pay for continuing care.

Wrongful Death: $550,000 – the settlement was for the wrongful death of a husband who was involved in a trucking accident with disputed liability.

Wrongful Death: $275,000 – the settlement was for the wrongful death of an 80 year old mother, grandmother and great great grandmother who was involved in a head on collision. The collision caused serious injuries to 3 other individuals. A mediation was conducted where all parties involved negotiated the $750,000 policy limits available. Gilroy and Napoli was successful in getting the medical insurance company to waive their $87,000 medical lien.

Head on collision: $340,000 - client suffered injuries to his neck and shoulder in a head on collision. The adverse insurance company settled for $100,000 policy limits and we then settled with the UIM insurance carrier for an additional $240,000.

Head on collision: $250,000 – client suffered injuries to his neck and back as well as concussive symptoms. Client received a $250,000 policy limits settlement.

Roll-over accident: $200,000 – client suffered a neck injury in a roll over accident. Client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver. Client received a $150,000 policy limits offer from the insurance company and an additional $50,000 from the bar that served the driver.

Vehicle down an embankment: $150,000 – client suffered a broken wrist when the car she was a passenger in ran off the road. At the time of the accident, the driver was driving in excessive speeds for the area. Client received a $100,000 policy limits settlement from the owner of the vehicle’s insurance company and an additional $50,000 policy limits settlement from the driver’s insurance company.

Roll-over accident: $125,000 – client suffered an injury to his eye and suffered symptoms of PTSD in a roll over accident where the driver in the car he was a passenger in lost control.

Other results: numerous $100,000 and $50,000 policy limit settlements.

Premise Liability:

Warehouse: $150,000 – client’s foot was cut open by the fork of a power jack negligently driven by the defendant’s employee. Defendant disputed liability.

Hotel: $105,000 – client broke several ribs when she fell after walking through a puddle that accumulated from an outdoor shower. Because of the design of the floor, it was impossible for customers of the hotel to notice a puddle had formed. Defendant disputed liability.

Store: $105,000 – client injured her hip when she slipped on the slipper tiles in the produce section. The store failed to put down the proper mats near the produce section of the store. This failure caused a lot of water to accumulate on the tiles from the spray from the produce stands. Defendant disputed liability.

Other Cases:

Sex Abuse – “Confidential Settlement” - adolescent client was fondled by employee of a health club working in the day care center.

Dog Bite - $95,000 – client was bit in the face by a dog owned by a person visiting her at a vacation home. Disputed liability.

Employment Cases:

Over 1 million dollars in settlement and verdicts in the last year.

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