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Effective January 1, 2017,
Gilroy & Napoli, LLC and Short Law Group, P.C. have merged to form Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group LLP.
Drunk Driving / DUII Legal Defense

Gilroy & Napoli: Our Law Practice

DUII & Drunk Driving Defense

Oregon DUI laws are becoming more & more strict, finding experienced Portland DUI Attorneys like Gilroy & Napoli to represent you during your drunk driving case is very important.

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Employment Law

In Washington County, Multnomah and Clackamas County, employment laws have been created to help protect employees from discrimination of pregnancy, disability, nationality, religion, race, age or gender.

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Sexual Harassment

For every sexual harassment case it's important to have an independent analysis by an experienced sexual harassment attorney. In every harassment situation, there a plethora of factors that can help determine the outcome of your harassment case.

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Criminal Defense

John Gilroy and Jeff Napoli are experienced Portland criminal defense attorneys. No matter if you are formally charged with a crime, or under police investigation, it is very important to retain a veteran criminal defense law firm.

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Personal Injury

As accidental injury attorneys, Gilroy & Napoli are concerned primarily with protecting your personal rights and holding the defendant liable for any injuries they may have caused you.

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Family Law

Family Law covers a wide scope of legal areas, including: spousal support, restraining orders, adoption, domestic violence, child support, child custody cases, divorce, legal separation and dependency cases.

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Wage and Hour Law Law

Oregon and Federal wage and hour law covers many important issues related to an employee's rate of pay, the hours worked, and the timing of payments.

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